Pastoral Plan 2013

Goals & Objectives

  • To enhance our liturgies through a fuller participation of all parishioners


1. To develop education and enrichment programs and opportunities that will allow for a fuller understanding of and engagement with the Mass for all parishioners

2. To enhance our Music Ministry through: outreach for new choir members, including our youth; instruction of the faithful for music participation at Mass; the choosing of spiritually uplifting liturgical music

3. To develop a mentoring program for Confirmation Candidates to facilitate their participation in the liturgical roles of ushers and lectors

4. To increase efforts at engaging our youth to participate in the altar ministry of the Church


  • To collaborate with the Mid-Mon Valley parishes to determine the feasibility of establishing a Youth Ministry Program under the direction of a regional youth minister as soon as possible


1. To support all efforts of youth ministry outreach and development undertaken by the mid-Mon Valley parish representatives


  • To foster the development of a Young Adult Ministry in our parish


1. To establish a core group of young adult leaders to facilitate fuller participation in parish life by members in their late teens, 20’s and 30’s


  • To develop a comprehensive parish-wide program for information sharing


1. To enlist the aid of a communication professional to develop a parish web-site, and to train 2 volunteers to maintain the site

2. To ensure that all information regarding parish events will continue to be communicated through parish mailings


  • To foster a sense of pride among parishioners for providing service to our parish through the gifts of our time, talents and treasures


1. To unite a group of skilled volunteers (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.) under the title of the "Briggs Brigade" for the ongoing assessment of our parish buildings and facilities.

2. To hold a Parish Ministry Fair and Goal Sign-Up Sunday for the purpose of enlisting the service of all parishioners for parish ministries, for organizations, and for the implementation of the goals and objectives of our Pastoral Plan